Hymn of the Week

by Jeff Mowery

I Must Tell Jesus

I was sitting in church one Sunday evening looking at the hymnal, and came across the hymn “I Must Tell Jesus”.  I usually think about it for a few days to see if that is really what I should do as a “Hymn of the week.”  However, during the altar call/prayer time at the end of service, the pianist starting playing “I Must Tell Jesus” quietly while everyone prayed.  With that confirmation, I decided to share it this week.   


I must tell Jesus….all of my trials…….
I cannot bear my….burdens alone….
In my distress….he kindly will help me………
He ever loves and cares for his own…..

The Chorus:

I must tell Jesus….I must tell Jesus…..
I cannot bear….my burdens alone…..
I must tell Jesus….I must tell Jesus…..
Jesus can help me…..Jesus alone……

Verse Two:

I must tell Jesus….all of my troubles…..
He is a kind…compassionate friend…..
If I but ask Him….He will deliver…………..
Make of my troubles….quickly an end…

Verse Three:

Tempted and tried…..I need a great Savior…..
One who can help my burdens to bear…….
I must tell Jesus….I must tell Jesus………..
He all my cares and sorrows will share……

Verse Four:
O how the world….to evil allures me…….
O how my heart is tempted to sin……
I must tell Jesus…and He will help me………
Over the world the victory to win


There are several things I like about this hymn.  First of all, the word “Must” in this song communicates to me a desperate need by the writer to talk to Jesus.  It is not “I should tell Jesus”, “I might tell Jesus”, or “I can tell Jesus”.  It is “I must tell Jesus.”  Do you remember as a child every having a problem that you had to tell your parents about?  Maybe your hurt yourself playing, and you go running and screaming “Mommy” or “Daddy.”  In your mind as a child, your parents were the only people who could help you, and they heard that desperation in your voice.  If your parents were like mine, their goal was to calm, comfort, and help you with your problem.  I think this song communicates that kind of desperation, and we all know that Christ is ready, willing and able to help us.

 Secondly, I like the verse that says “He is a kind, compassionate, friend.”  There is a contemporary song that is popular right now called “Friend of God.”  I am a little uncomfortable with the words of that song because sometimes I feel like we are bragging that we are God’s friends.  But I am reminded in this song, that not only is Jesus a kind, compassionate, friend, He told us that we are His friends.  Jesus said to His disciples in John 15, “You are my friend.”  Another old hymn says “What a friend we have in Jesus.”  I’ll save that hymn for another day, but I am encouraged by the fact that we do have a friend that “sticks closer than a brother,” and is there to hear our prayers, concerns, and our needs.

Finally, the last thing that I like about this song is the line “Jesus can help me.  Jesus alone.”  Sometimes, I think we all lean on the advice of our friends or family.  I am not saying that is all bad.  However, I do know that people are human and are prone to give us bad advice.  The help and the encouragement that we can get from God’s word or from talking to Jesus in our prayers are much more valuable that what men can say to us.  He can speak to our heart like no one else.